charlie brown tree

Christmas-time is finally here, and it means no work for a few days, time at home with my family, and time to make a dent in my ever-growing To Read pile. Plus it means some festive folding! Here’s a little tree I folded this week – my fingers are sorely out of practice and it was the trickiest thing to make the topmost tier of foliage which is about the size of my fingernail. The whole ensemble is a little bit crooked and imperfect, and reminded me of Charlie Brown’s little tree (if you haven’t watched the fabulous 1965 film “A Charlie Brown Christmas”, please please do so. It’s the sweetest.)

Merry Christmas! May it be light, love and hope-filled for you all. <3

3.75cm, 2.8cm, 1.8cm squares of green kami, 3.75cm square of kraft paper | Final: ~2.5cm high | Jo Nakashima (video tutorial here)

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