folding on the smallest scale

little dna

Remember the exciting conversation I mentioned last time? Well this was what it was all about- DNA origami! Since 2006, it has been possible to actually fold long strands of DNA into all sorts of nano-scale shapes and figures, such as smiley-faces! :)

Last month I was approached (in a very coincidence-filled sequence of events) by a first-year PhD student also at Cambridge. She was in the process of making a short film about both her research in DNA origami and was hoping to link in paper-folding, but hadn’t been able to find someone to be the origami artist. And that’s where I came in.

We did all the filming last weekend which was a great learning experience as well as being a lot of fun. We were fed well on set both days as well, quite spoiled really, which kept morale up :p There’s still lots of post-production to wade through but I, for one, am stoked to see how it all turns out. I’ve included a few snaps from the filming days here, to give you a little taster…

~A7 (and A5) rectangles of printer paper | Thoki Yenn

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