sun and moon

sun and moon

(Yes, that’s a one pence coin as a size reference. They’re quite a teeny pair!)

I’ve always been fascinated by stories and myths about the sun and the moon…opposites and partners, caught in an endless chase across our sky. Then, as I was folding the zodiac, the legend of its origins came to mind. Cat and rat had been the closest of friends once upon a time, until rat had betrayed his friend, and since that day they have been enemies.

Perhaps the sun and moon were best friends once, but now the sun rat flees as his once-upon-a-time friend, the moon cat, prowls after him…

2.75cm square of gold foil paper, 3.75cm square of silver foil paper | Rat: Hoang Tien Quyet, diagrammed in “50 Hours of Origami +”, cat: Anibal Voyer

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