the android’s dream

the android's dream

From the beginning of August, I challenged myself not to balk when an origami design looks complex or has a large number of steps. Instead, I want to have a bash at everything that intrigues and inspires me, and to cultivate patience and hone my art in this way.

Here’s my first conquest, a 112-stepper of a sheep that caught my eye a long while back. There are a couple of really nifty things about this Komatsu fold-
1) The colour change: we end up with one colour for the wool and the other for the face, legs and ears
2) A simple interlocking mechanism in the belly so the sheep keeps its shape
3) Such a super-sheepy face!

The wool of the sheep would’ve been plain white, but I thought that’d be dull…so I laser-printed some text onto the white side. Can anyone tell me what passage(s) I used?

15cm square of kami | Fonts: Chénier and Old Newspaper Types | Hideo Komatsu, diagrammed in “Works of Hideo Komatsu

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