This was a project that took about a week and a half to finish, for a couple of my friends who were married last summer and who wanted three of each Chinese zodiac animal to adorn the tables during the reception. I also folded three Welsh dragons for the top table (as the groom has Welsh roots).

69 x 600cm gold wrapping paper | Models modified from original designs
Rat: Hoang Tien Quyet, “50 Hours of Origami +”
Ox: Montroll, “Dollar Bill Animals in Origami”
Tiger: Montroll, “Origami Inside-Out”
Rabbit: Yoshizawa, “Creative Origami”
Dragon, horse: Montroll, “Mythological Creatures and the Chinese Zodiac in Origami”
Snake, ram: Kasahara, “Creative Origami”
Monkey: Albertino, “Safari Origami”
Rooster: Yoshizawa, “Origami Living Nature”
Dog: Yoshizawa, “Origami Tokuhon 2”
Pig: O’Hare, “Origami Paperfolding for Fun

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