ribbit ribbit


In my lower 6th year a few of us girls were asked to give a 20 minute talk at a seminar lunch on any subject of our choice, preferably related to what we wanted to study at university. Naturally, I chose to do mine on “Origami and Mathematics“, leading me to read a bundle of articles and books, including some fascinating stuff by Tom Hull and Erik Demaine. There’s so much lovely origami maths, like conditions for flat-foldability of a crease pattern and the fact that you can solve cubics by origami construction (which you can’t do with a straightedge and compass).

Whilst preparing for my seminar, I ended up folding lots of new things to inspire me and to have as photos on my slides, including the above froggie. Kawasaki’s most well known for his roses, but he has created many other wonderful models too.

7.5cm square of kami | Toshikazu Kawasaki, diagrammed in “Origami Dream World

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